Kolkata Ghats And Camera


It was a wonderful evening after a few weeks of the scorching heat and humidity. I thought of going out with my camera on the streets. I had not clicked many photographs since my Digha trip. I wanted to go out and take photographs. Kolkata is like heaven for street photography. The city is so full of life, you can feel it every time you step on the streets of Kolkata.

The Cat

The sun was about to set. The cool breeze made the weather more comfortable. I decided to go to the ghats. The ghats are a wonderful place. A lot of people come here to find peace, solace and companionship. Some people come to enjoy their loneliness, some come to enjoy the weather, the majestic Ganga.

The Lady

Koomertuli Ghat is one of the oldest ghats in Kolkata. It is near the famous Koomertuli area. This calm and serene place will give you comfort. You will get to see the remains of many unused clay idols.

People come to find peace

I spent some time on the ghat. I took few photographs there.

Koomertuli Ghat

People in Koomertuli Ghat

On the other day I visited Bagbazar Ghat. Every evening the priest there does the Ganga Arati. Many people come to witness the ritual. It is like a small version of the famous Varanasi Ganga Arati. If you haven’t seen it, you should visit the Bagbazar Ghat to experience it. It is sure to make you feel better.

Ganga Arati at Bagbazar Ghat

Ganga Arati at Bagbazar Ghat



All photographs are copyrighted to Koustav Ghosh.




  1. Hey nice pictures man.really liked the ones taken at Kumartuli.happy clicking. I love it when someone shows love to my city.let me know if u wanna know it better 🙂


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