Monsoon, Camera And Ghat

It was just another Sunday. I was doing what I generally do on most Sundays,taking rest and surfing the internet aimlessly. Not because of always having nothing to do is usual for me but it had been raining since 7 days and I had fallen sick. Office became the only way to meet the world outside. The day before Sunday it rained for almost the whole day. Some weekend football plan got cancelled because of that. I was upset. So when I found that the Sunday was really a sunny day, I decided to go out with my camera.

From the last couple of weeks I was getting notified by manyΒ companies that “SALE is going on. Hurry! Don’t miss your opportunity”. Sales during monsoon reminds me that one of the most awaited festival is near. Yes Durga Puja is coming soon.Β The Koomertuli is now very busy place.Β The idol makers are very busy now. I made up my mind to visit the place.

Idols are in the making

The sky became clear with different shapes of white clouds floating by. It was the day of ‘Ulto Rath Yatra’. People were out in the street to see the Rath Yatra. It was a pleasant weather after seven days of rain. It was a good feeling to go outside with camera after so many days. I went to Koomertuli and was happy to see very few photographers there. I clicked a few photographs there.

Tradition through generation

Idols in making


Suddenly the weather got changed. The sky got covered with dark shades of clouds and within few minutes it started raining heavily. I took a shelter and saved myself and my camera from getting drenched. After half an hour the rain stopped. The sky became clear with different clouds.

A sudden rain

After rain

I went to the Koomertuli ghat to enjoy the weather. It was a fantastic weather. The wind was making everyone cool on the ghat. The big clouds over the Ganges was looking stunning. I could not help myself but click a photograph. I met Krishnendu Chakraborty da there after a long time. It was nice meeting him after so many days. As the light was changing we moved to a different ghat. We spent there some good time. I was tired then as I had not fully recovered from fever. But I was happy enough to have a sound sleep.

Clouds over the Ganges

As I mentioned ‘SALES’ earlier, I went to Big Bazar to buy a pair of shoe for me. I found one thing very amazing and strange. During SALE I never find out anything fitting myself. Seems like every other person wear the same size of clothes as me during SALE and buys it before me leaving me no other choice. Finally I found and bought a pair of shoe for me. Then came back home tired but with a happy heart and a few photographs.

A self portrait

If you like the photographs, share them. Thank you.


All photographs are copyrighted to Koustav Ghosh.




  1. Awesome pictures. It reminds me few of my memory, after listening Mahalaya we used to do the kumartuli bhromon on the morning. The lights, noise, sound, ambience was just unforgottable.

    All the pictures are excellent, specially the picture quality.

    The best picture according to me is in the rain, the man is walking, and lions are standing behind him.

    Keep Going… πŸ™‚ All the best…

  2. Brilliant photographs Koustav da. Keep up the good work. πŸ™‚

    Yes, during the sale, even I rarely get a proper shoe/shirt of my size. πŸ˜›


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