Back In Time


It was year 2010 when I started taking photographs with a simple point & shoot camera. My father bought me the camera, Canon Powershot SX120 IS. Very soon I fell in love with it. I started taking photographs of anything and everything around me. Everything looked so fresh and new in that small LCD screen. Its like a new world had got opened in front of me. As time progresses, I realized it is a process, a process of learning, a process of learning the art.

Top View During Poush Mela Flowers

The above two photographs are taken with my old point & shoot camera in the year 2010.

To me photography is an art to freeze moments. Moments which people cannot see but you make them visible, make them immortal.

I started reading more about photography from 2012. The grammar of photography, basic rules and guidelines. Some senior fellow photographers helped me to understand where I went wrong. I am grateful to have such wonderful persons in my early journey. Their small tips and advises have always helped me.


Over time I realized how eyes, vision matter the most. The above photograph was taken with my cellphone.


All photographs are copyrighted to Koustav Ghosh.




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